Meeting Minutes, February 27, 2020 

Gettysburg Garden Club Meeting Minutes, February 27, 2020 

President Pam Haze presided. 

President’s Report: Pam welcomed the members and guests. Karen Szoke presented Pam with president’s pin. Pam reported there may be a chairperson for the garden of the month committee, but that she still did not have anyone to be the historian. She passed around Jo Zeveney’s photo book. Pam said that those wanting Brent & Becky’s bulbs at 25% discount should see Rita Bennett. She announced that there will be a bake sale and yard sale at the Spring Plant Sale, with details to follow. 

Recording Secretary’s Report: Janet Scappini reported that January 23 Club meeting notes were approved and posted on the Club’s website. 

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Connie Holland reported on donations and disbursements and reported that the ending balance was $25,235. 

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: In February, Charlotte sent a get well card to Margaret “Peg” Vesey and birthday cards to Robin Bleckwehl and Peg Vesey. 

Ways and Means: Donna Almquist reminded members about Spring Plant Sale on May 16th, asked for donations of pots that are 10-12”, spoke of upcoming workshops, and announced there will be sign up sheets next month. 

Hospitality Report: Pat Hartman chaired the committee that provided a delectable array of Valentine-themed treats with participation by Sue Williams, Dorothy Long, Linda Golembieski, and Mary Deignan. Joan Horak contributed but was not in attendance. 

Horticulture Report: Connie Holland spoke about District IV Flower show in York on May 29-30. 


  • April 15 GCFB Board Meeting at the Out Door Country Club, 1157 Detwiler Drive, York, PA. Registration deadline is April 1. Cost is $34. Contact Pam Haze if you need an application to attend. 
  • April 17-19 GCFP Convention, Mars, PA. Application at 
  • May 11-14 NGC Annual Convention, Milwaukee, WI. Application at 

Janet Scappini, Recording Secretary 


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