Gettysburg Garden Club Meeting Minutes, September 24, 2020

Gettysburg Garden Club Meeting Minutes, September 24, 2020

President Karen Szoke presided.

President’s Report: Karen welcomed members and then reported on the GCFP District IV annual meeting that she attended via Zoom. The GCFP wants garden clubs to recruit members due to the loss of 300 to 400 members this past year and to encourage children to have a love of gardening by offering youth activities or by developing a junior gardener program. Additionally, the GCFP is in need of Flower Show Judges. Club members with an interest will be reimbursed tuition for class. The GCFP also recommends to members to write to House Rep. Dan Moul to object to a bill he is sponsoring that will begin to charge visitors to cover maintenance costs at state parks. Karen also announced that the Steve Rice law firm donated $500 to Lincoln Square flowers.
Treasurer’s Report: Connie Holland reported on two disbursements and the credit of 16 cents interest. She reported an ending balance of $14,162.21.
Corresponding Secretary’s Report: In September, Charlotte Melchiorre sent birthday cards to Barb Gilliam, Peggy Reynolds, and Ruth Jeanne Bream. A thinking of you card was sent to Jean Thomas (Roy’s wife) and get well cards were sent to Ellie Kuhn and Ken Zaveckas (Grace’s husband).
Program Report: Noemi Halbrendt introduced the program for the day, the Brown Bag Workshop presented by Connie Holland.
Ways and Means: Betty Pue would like help with making bows and pick items at her house as the annual Christmas greens sale is proceeding.
Hospitality Report: Pat Hinkle provided prepackaged snacks.
Publicity: Article appeared recently in Gettysburg Times about the club’s maintenance of the Square and information about the Giving Spree.

Scholarships Report: Rita Bennett reported that a thank you note had been received from a scholarship recipient and that the application process would begin at the start of 2021.

Civic Development: Linda Golembieski said clean up of Square would be in mid-October.
Historian: Doris Waldron will be taking over from Jo Zeveney.
New Business: Seven members have indicated they will serve as cheerleaders, adorned in club t-shirts and aprons, at the Giving Spree.

● District IV meeting, November 11, 2020 at the Dobbin House, host Biglerville
garden club
● GGC won first place in the Publicity Press Book Award (large club category)

Janet Scappini, Recording Secretary


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