August 2018 Meeting Minutes

Gettysburg Garden Club Meeting Minutes August 23, 2018

President Karen Szoke presided.

President’s Report: Karen opened the meeting and asked that people silence their cell phones. Karen welcomed Lorraine Farmer, Lynne Hershey, new member Patricia Hartman, and members of the Biglerville Garden Club – Fran Koch and Carol Aldinger. Karen expressed a thank you on behalf of the Club to Sue Wilson for the great job producing the new yearbook. Karen underscored the importance of members getting involved in Club activities and the variety of experiences available. She also talked about plans to include a description of the committees in the next yearbook and asked committee chairs to provide a brief narrative describing the activities of their committee to her.

Programs Report: Linda talked about the planned program – a movie about development of the Nation’s first park system designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. Linda reviewed the programs upcoming this year, explaining that there is variety and an emphasis on birds. The program for the upcoming meeting in October is Birds with a Gettysburg Address, presented by Bonnie Portzline.

Membership: Cindy Wilcox talked about the listing of committees in the front of the yearbook – please contact the chairs to get involved. She reminded members of the pink t-shirts for sale and new mauve nametags.

Recording Secretary’s Report: Pam thanked Connie Holland for preparing the notes for the last two meetings. Minutes are posted on the Club website.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Patricia Richardson reported the following:

  • She sent a thank you card for the Pub and Restaurant for sending coffee to the club workers in the square;
  • She sent get well cards to Donna Almquist, and Regina Hollar for her husband;
  • Birthday cards were sent to Jane Kresky, Ellie Sheen, and Marilyn Meixell;
  • Sympathy cards were sent to Karin Miller who recently lost 3 siblings, Cindy Wilcox whose uncle died, and Ali Paluzi whose sister died; and
  • A thank you card was received from Cody Smith, a recipient of one of the Club’s scholarships.

Treasurer’s Report: Connie reviewed the budget for Club year July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 highlighting that anticipated dues reflect a reduction because of the reduction in club membership due to member deaths and the requirement for members to pay by May 30. There are 78 members now. She highlighted changes in the budget to increase Club donations (each of the donations to 6 entities is $100), allocation of funds for 3 scholarships, members’ education for approved classes, and reserve expense funds. She reported earnings by the Ways and Means Committee from the Christmas gift and greens sale and spring plant sale of over $12,000 and said that the budget anticipates income from the Ways and Means Committee activities of $7,000. She asked for the Club’s approval for the proposed budget. Kay Hoch made a motion to adopt the budget and the Club approved the budget by voice vote.

Ways and Means: Robin rallied the Club members with her cheerleading for the Christmas greens sale. She announced Betty Pue and Patricia Green as her co-chairs. She reported that there would be two sets of workshops to prepare for the greens sale, focusing on bow making and wiring picks with decorations. The workshop dates are September 17-19 and October 1-3. Robin will invite members to the workshops via email and ask them to sign up in advance. She expects that the workshops will be held at her house.

Birds and Butterflies: Betsy Myer suggested to members that as they begin fall cleanup of their gardens they leave seed heads for the birds. Judy Bugert talked about conserving monarch butterflies by keeping flowers blooming until as late in the year as possible and if possible through November, to provide a food source for butterflies that are laying eggs and will be migrating. She volunteered to show Club members what she has done in her garden to provide food and egg laying habitat for butterflies and asked that members contact her if they want to visit.

Environmental Education: Joan Horak talked about the recently formed Environmental Education Committee. She said she has two volunteers and asked other members to join. She talked about the plans for the committee to educate members and others about ways they can contribute to reducing pollution, protecting clean groundwater, and supporting healthy ecosystems. Each person can do so much to achieve these goals with small acts. She announced that the Watershed Alliance is looking for new members and wants to expand the Board.

Garden of the Month: Deb Steckler talked about the most recent Garden of the Month and suggested members go see it, because of the care the owners have taken with attention to every minute detail.

2018 Fall Flower Show: Carol O’Gara reminded members that the fall flower show is only three weeks away – the show will be held on September 14-15. She said that design categories are not all filled and blank spaces remain. She asked members to please join in and participate.

Hospitality: Pat Hinkle recognized Charlotte Melchiorre, Carol Heiser, Ann Gilbert, and Karin Miller for their generous contributions of time, food, flowers, and good cheer for hospitality.

Hort Report: Connie Holland gave the Hort Report – she talked about the prevalent rainy weather and it has caused extensive outbreaks of powdery mildew, blight, and fungus. She suggested that there is no treatment for the powdery mildew and recommended that plants not be put into compost piles.

New Business:

Change in Deadline for Payment of Dues: Karen explained that the Club bylaws need to be changed to require payment of annual dues to the Treasurer by May 30, consistent with the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania. Karen indicated that this change requires a formal motion, discussion and vote. The topic will come up for discussion and a vote at the October meeting.

Downtown Flower Project: Karen said that the Board of Directors recommends donating $1,000 from the general fund to the DTF project. She talked about the efforts to solicit funds for the project, the Club is in a good position to make a donation, and it is important to signal to the community that the Club is doing its part to fund the project. Karen asked for the Club’s vote on the recommendation. Judy Bugert made a motion to approve the donation of $1,000 to the DTF project, and the Club approved by voice vote. A suggestion was made that the donation should be made at the Giving Spree, in order for it to be matched. Karen agreed that the donation would be made at the Giving Spree on November 8, 2018.

Hospitality Committee: Karen presented the Board’s recommendation to fund some of the expenses of the Hospitality Committee. The proposal is to reimburse, with receipts, not to exceed $40 per GCC meeting, for the costs of paper, drinks, flowers, and other items not to include food. A motion to approve this proposal was made by Connie Holland and the Club approved it by voice vote.

Training Courses: Karen explained that the Club is able to pay for member training, including master gardener training and courses offered by the Garden Club Federation. Two Club members have requested reimbursement – Linda Spellman for master gardener training and Barbara Brand for landscaping training. These members will be reimbursed after they have completed the training.

Giving Spree: The Giving Spree is November 8, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Pam Haze will be coordinating the effort and sending out via email an invitation to seek volunteers to participate. Linda Spellman is providing the flower arrangement for the GCC table.

Announcements and Event Reminders:

Tables Needed: Connie announced that tables are needed for the upcoming flower show – the tables should be 6 feet long and 30 inches wide.

October Meeting: Karen notified members that at the October meeting, Ellie Sheen will be recognized for her 45 years of service to the Club. This is a surprise for Ellie so members are not to tell her.

Gleaning Project: Karen reminded members to donate their unused produce to the SCCAP Gleaning Project.

District IV meeting: Karen announced the District IV meeting to be held in Lancaster on September 4 is open to everyone that would like to attend. Please let her know if you want to attend.

Next Meeting: The next regular meeting is October 25, 2018.

Pam Haze, Recording Secretary


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